SICURO Sequential CNG System
recommended maintenance

When using your vehicle, you must meet the vehicle service dates to preserve its working life and be covered by the warranty in the event of need. As a fuel, CNG has different properties than petrol. Small defects or malfunctions, almost unnoticeable when running on petrol, may be found. For worry free travels in gas mode, please follow maintenance instructions

Every 5000 km in gas mode, drive for about 5 to 10 km in petrol mode. For correct system operations and to avoid vehicle fuel pump wear, always keep the petrol tank at least ¼ full.

For trouble free operations there is a recommended maintenance schedule to be followed to get the best performance out of your CNG KIT and installed please refer to the Owner's mannual for further detail which is a part of the SICURO Sequential CNG System kit or get in touch with your closest Greenfuel authorized service center.



SICURO Sequential CNG System - Fuse MaintenanceThe Sicuro Sequential CNG system is protected against short circuit / overload using fuse of 15 amp fitted as shown in the figure. The Changing of fuse is recommended to be carried done only at Authorized dealer.

The fuse supplied, is tested and approved by the Indian Authorized Testing Facilities, and Sicuro is the only CNG system which is equipped with the same.

Always be sure to replace a blown fuse with the fuse of correct current capacity. Never use a substitute such as aluminum foil or wire to replace a blown fuse. If you replace a fuse and the new fuse blows in a short period of time, have your vehicle inspected immediately by authorized dealer.



Whenever you visit our workshop for maintenence, it is advisable to have a scheduled check up.

That there are no leaks in the joints. (LEAK TEST*)
That all valves close properly.
Air Filter to be cleaned on regular intervals.
That the running of the gas system responds properly.
All the wiring and couplers are not damaged. (Visual Inspection)
Low Pressure Hose are having proper clamping and spacing.  
No rubbing of any wire of tubes.
'O-Ring' of Filling Valve is not worn out.


Use of Couplers to avoid wire cutsLeak Test

For any major repair or maintenance, kindly visit nearest Green Fuel Authorized dealership.


emergency precautions

1. Please ensure that the vehicle is in neutral ‘N’ before starting the engine in either mode.

2. It is recommended to keep sufficient amount of petrol in petrol tank.

3. In case of any symptom of leakage (or releasing noise) of CNG, do not panic.

  • Stop the vehicle and switch off the engine, roll down the windows and open all the doors
  • Ensure to close manual shut off valve on CNG cylinder valve.
  • Contact your authorized workshop for further assistance.

4. Do not place any luggage or load over cylinder as it may damage the cylinder, pipe, hose, valve, etc.

5. To remove the CNG system or parts, please contact Green Fuel Authorized dealers only.

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