• If any minor work or body repair is to be carried out, turn the manual shut off valve on CNG cylinder valve to close position prior to Commencement of the repair work.
  • Get the CNG cylinder checked periodically as per the AIS & Maintenance Chart.
  • If the engine does not start in changeover mode, switch over to petrol mode and take your vehicle to authorized dealer for inspection.
  • After refueling CNG, ensure that the dust plug is inserted back on the filler valve. (Otherwise vehicle may not crank)
  • It is programmed to start the vehicle in petrol mode and give acceleration for change over to CNG.


  • Never fiddle with any of the components in the CNG system.
  • The cylinder should not be repaired under any circumstances, in case of any problem, consult with authorized dealer.
  • Do not adjust setting of CNG system.
  • Never install LPG or any other gas cylinder in place of CNG cylinder.
  • Avoid carrying inflammable material near the CNG cylinder.

useful tips for users

In case of traffic accidents:

  • Stop the vehicle and unload passengers.
  • Quickly Close the Cylinder valve, check immediately for possible gas leaks.
  • Do no activate any electric devices of vehicle, or smoke, or turn on the motor until you are absolutely sure that any accumulation of gases due to leaks or breakages in any part of the system has been properly ventilated.
  • Should a fire break out, try to close the valves and attack the fire with an extinguisher.
  • Evacuate all people from the area.

To refill gas

The vehicle must be stopped and all electric equipment must be turned off, including the radio & cell phones. Do not smoke near gas filling station

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